March 13, 2008

IPL Bidding – Round 2

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I was rather waiting for this to check out how the teams qould finally look. This round was rather a low profile one unlike the first phase. But here there were equally good players on offer. Teams like Mohali and Bangalore made the best out of this as they hadn’t pushed so hard in the first phase. The other teams like Chennai and Mumbai had to play safe as they got the cream of the players in the first phase itself.

Here I’ve just listed out the players who were bid for in the second phase and their respective teams. I’ve not included the price tags that was set for each of them.

Bangalore pushed in for two players namely Misbah-Ul-Haq from Pakistan and Shreevats Goswami, the member of the Indian under-19 team. He’ll act as the second wicket-keeper in the team. Misbah brings in that key factor of a flexible player and can be very handy for the Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Jaipur were rather very focussed on signing some higher rated players like Dimitri Mascarenhas from England (The first English Player on auction), Morne Morkel from South Africa and Sohail Tanvir from Pakistan. This bolsters the team and Shane Warne has a problem of plenty as he can play only four Foreign players in his team. So I doubt whether all the three above might get a chance to go the distance.

Kolkatta on the other hand were going in with only two players namely Iqbal Abdulla and Siddharth Kaul, both bowlers. This leaves only Saurav Ganguly as their star Batsmen as the Australians might not be available this year.

Mohali went in with the under-19 star Tanmay Srivastava and Ajitesh Agarwal. Yuvraj might have to sit and think a lot before picking his XI as he has loads of Foreign players on offer.

Mumbai brought in few youngsters namely Manish Pandey, Saurabh Tiwary and Pinal Shah. This makes Mumbai the only team to have non-International wicket-keepers leaving Pinal Shah and Yogesh Takawale to step up to the occation.

The other teams remained unchanged.


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