July 25, 2008

Pakistan Given Green Signal

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Finally, after a debate that has lasted for quite sometime now, Pakistan has been cleared to host the ICC Champions Trophy this year. They actually won 7 of the 10 votes. The three nations that opposed includes Australia, England and New Zealand. Even people had fears about the security in Sri Lanka, the supposed to be alternate venue if Pakistan failed, that caused a small mayhem.

Many of the boards which agreed that Pakistan should host then told press that they were actually trying to push their players to play and they were getting strong opposition regarding the same from their players. The worst hit were the South Africans. However ICC’c Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat, said that neither the players who are opting to pull out nor their respective boards would be penalised if they wish to.

Changing the venue would have been a big issue as the four Asian Nations will jointly host the 2011 edition of the World Cup. This gets me to think how will the players be able to concentrate and give their best when they aren’t willing to play in a hostile location? They can’t even easily give up as their Nation’s pride is at stake.


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