August 12, 2008

Review System Needs A Second Thought

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In yet another step to modernize the sport, the review system was trialled in the just concluded India – Sri Lanka Test Series wherein the players are given limited chances to challege the umpire’s decision. All I can say is that it had its own positives and negatives. Talks are already on about implementing it in the Champions Trophy in Pakistan starting September 12.

I feel that the review system is a technology that has to be welcomed. It will help to neutralize the errors by the human element. But one thing was forgotten. There were a couple of decisions that went wrong even with the review system. The thing is that the final decision based on the television footages are also taken by a human and there are bound to be errors even there.

Instead, they can improve the system by implementing the ” hot spot ” for close catch and bat-pad calls and some other better decisions for checking out on lbw. When you want to implement a system, make sure that you implement the best possible technology. There is no point holding it back. Review system is utilized to challenge the decision of the umpires and the respective authorities should understand what the umpires may undergo when they fail consistently. Instead, let the umpires also to use the technology for close calls. This was, they can also make sure that the World sees the best of their abilities also.

When the umpires are also allowed to refer on close calls, I feel we can get the best out of them which is a terrific prospect for the game as a whole. So, if they plan to implement it in the Champions Trophy, it would be great to see the technology in complete action.


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