August 17, 2008

A Twist In The Tale For Akthar

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Just a few days after making a tremendous comeback into the Pakistan Squad for the Champions Trophy, troubled speedster Shoaib Akthar has found himself in another cob web thrown by his board. He has been asked to pay a Rs 7 Million ( approx. USD 105,000 ) if he wants to be in the team for the Champions Trophy. One of the board official said that Akthar, fighting a 5 year ban at the court, hadn’t been given a court order to pay the fine and if the court lifted the charges over him, the amount would be refunded back to him. But as of now, he has to pay the fine to be back in the squad.

I really feel bad for Akthar. He is already having loads of problems to deal with and this is something that he wouldn’t have expected after getting the call-up to the squad. I feel the board should take a clear stand against the pacer. If they want to punish him, then serve him a term. Rather they are mentally troubling him and this might hamper him for life. Had I been in Akthar’s shoes, I would have considered quitting. Its better the that the board takes a strong stand such a way that no other player commits the same mistake. They must either ditch him completely or have him in.


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