August 23, 2008

South Africa Pulls Out Of Champions Trophy

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This is, by far, the most argued Champions Trophy of all time. Not once have we had such issues in any of the previous editions of this mega event which sees the World’s Top 8 playing for the prestigious trophy. Four team namely Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England have expressed their thoughts of playing in Pakistan. In the final stages of this hiccup, South African Board has stopped its team from touring the troubled nation citing security concerns.

The CSA has come to the conclusion after reviewing all the reports from their own Government, the ICC and a few other sources. Following this, there are also very good chances that the other three teams might also pull out of the tournament. BCCI however seems to be supporting Pakistan after the way they hosted the Asia Cup a month ago.

If the other three teams also pull out, then the tournament will be shifted to the reserve venue, Sri Lanka. With the tournament just a couple of weeks from here on, a fast action is expected. Moreover an official also said that the tournament would not be postponed as the calender was full for all the nations and it would be tough to get all the nations back again together. It is also learnt that the official broadcaster, ESPN-Star has expressed their disappointment if these four teams are replaced by lesser known teams like Bangladesh. However, they are happy with the change in venue and they don’t mind it.

With so much confusion around, I feel that the tournament should be shifted to Sri Lanka. This would also relieve a lot of pressure of the players who are now made to make a decision of their own. The tournament is scheduled for September 12.


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