August 25, 2008

Why Postpone Champions Trophy???

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Whats the whole point in rescheduling the Champions Trophy to October 2009? What have they ( ICC, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan ) achieved by it? I don’t see a point in this. Five of the eight participating nations pulled out of the tournament and I’m wondering what else stopped them from shifting the venue. ICC has gone in favour of the Asian nations here which I feel is fairly unfair.

What this has done is that it has opened a new channel for more speculations and all the onus will be on Pakistan to prove that they are safe enough to host the tournament next year. So even a small problem there will be looked at all possible angles which will make many eye brows to raise as there are chances that Sri Lanka might be chosen as the host next year. Whats the whole point waiting?

Instead, ICC should have taken a few more steps to ensure that they convince the teams about the security measures in Pakistan. Pakistan did a good job while hosting the Asia Cup a month ago. There’s no doubt about it. But when the players feel uncomfortable touring the nation, there is no point pushing it any further.

This makes me think about what else Pakistan should do to prove that they are safe enough to host the tournament. Even after this, when the teams aren’t mentally ready to play, a change of venue would have been a better option rather than postponing the tournament for the next year which will again lead to many more changes in the calender for a few nations and also pack the year with Cricket.


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