September 4, 2008

Lee Raring To Play In India

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After a terrible few days in his life during which he had a break-up in his marriage life, Brett Lee has announced that he is both physically and mentally fit for the tour of India. He sounded pretty keen to make himself available for the tour. Lee took leave during the ongoing Bangladesh series and used this time to get his head right and feels pretty good after the break from the game for a while.

He was seen back with the team at Darwin joking with team mates and keenly speaking to the support staff to ensure that everything was back again on track for him to comeback. Officially, this would be the first time that Brett Lee would be leading the attack. Last time around it was lead by Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillispie and Michael Kasprowicz. He played the role of the twelfth man and is keen to make his first appearance in front of the Indian crowd.

The Indians love Brett Lee for his sheer passion and his friendly attitude and Brett Lee also enjoys playing in India. He says it would be tough playing here and still he enjoys it. Talking about relationships – It sure does affect even the best.


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