October 17, 2008

The Man Of Records – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

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Holding a World Record is such an invaluable feel. Any person would be very pleased even to give a shot to create a record. Have you ever thought about how one would feel to break ” A World Record ” a World Record number of times? Ask Sachin Tendulkar to get the reply.

Whatever he does on the Cricket field brings a record down. Even if he is out for a duck, he leads the tally for the most. Every run he scores is a record by itself. I know I’m trying to express too many things here. But I’m in a trance actually. All I can say is just ” WOW!!! “.

The long wait has finally paid dividends as the Master got to break the elite feet in the Motherland, something which I felt would be apt ( during the series in Sri Lanka where he was suffering ). Even he admitted that he was happy to achieve it here in India. He has done everything in Cricket, be it bowling the leg spinners, off spinners or the seam up deliveries. What else is left? I’m wondering!!!

He looked a relieved man after achievin the feat. The pressure on him is immense and clearly this was visible during the press conference when one of the journalist asked him about his retirement plans even on this occasion!!! Strange, but true. Thats India for you.

He has been amazing in any situation. He has scored runs everywhere around the World. And the best part is that he is a better individual. Ask him fellow-mates and you’ll know. He is respected by everyone in the Cricketing fraternity. He is truely an ambassador of the sport. On this occasion, Sachin made it special by reaching his test fifty number fifty and also going past the amazing 12,000 runs mark, the first time ever in the history of Cricket. Tendulkar fell just 12 short of a well-deserved century.

I feel the best part was that he was with one of his successful partners, Saurav Ganguly, when he achieved the feat. Saurav Ganguly, on the other hand, also reached a milestone of 7,000 test runs and also scored a fifty. It would have been a great feeling for both of them to achieve their career landmarks together. They have also seen many highs and lows together.

But the highlight will surely be Sachin’s feat. The blade opening up to guide the ball to the open third man region and the batsmen easily running three runs at Mohali against the Aussies is surely bound to be in the memory of the Cricket-lovers for years to come. Sachin deservedly needs to be called as the Man Of Records.

Final Word – ” Convert The Stones Thrown At You Into Milestones ”

P.S. : Bowlers, beware!!! He has nothing more to prove and this could prove to be costly for you!!!

Sachin Breaking The Record :

Sachin Breaking The 12,000 Barrier :

Interview After Breaking The Barrier :


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