October 20, 2008

Australians Are No More Invincibles

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The title may sound harsh. But thats the fact and I stick by it. So many things have been said about the Asian team faltering down under on true wickets. The tides are changing and the Asian teams, specially India, have come a long way and have started giving the Australians a run for their money. When was the last time you say an Aussie Captain speak negatively? It all reflects in their performance.

Australians should consider themselves lucky to have won the toss in Bangalore. They helped themselves to a commanding position on a good batting track. I knew very well that they would falter had they batted second. Credit should be given to Ticky Ponting and Michael Hussey for the way they scored their centuries.

But at Mohali, the script was re-written with Indians getting a chance on the fresh wicket and they readily grounded the Aussies from the word go. Right through the Test, everything seems to be going in India’s favour. Sachin Tendulkar accomplished two records, Saurav Ganguly achieved a personal milestone, Mishra was found to be more than a handful and bagged a five for on debut. They couldn’t have asked for more.

Coming to the fact that Australians aren’t invincibles anymore is very evident from the way they are crubling just like the Indian wickets do. They seem to have developed a phobia over the cracking wickets. Also the Aussies are finding the Indian pacers too hot to handle. Indians seem to be well equipped with the pace men providing the fire power to support the already successful spinners. Australians have a lot of work to do to master spin. Their best player of spin, Matthew Hayden, is also out of touch. A lot will depend on his performance in the next couple of tests.



  1. JB said,

    The game isn’t even over and when you win you will be one up with two more to play.

    Don’t write the Aussies off just yet.

  2. techtwist said,

    I’m not writing them off. You’ve mistaken me. I said that they are beatable and are not like they were a few years ago. During the last few years it has been shown that even they can be rattled completely. The prime architect for this has been India. Thats what I meant. [;)]

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