December 23, 2008

And My Blog Completes One Year

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My blog has been here for one year now. This very day a year back I started it during my vacation at Bangalore and I wanted to focus on the ‘then upcoming’ India-Australia series. I was wondering how I would do at this new interest that I had started to develope. Just now I read few of my older posts and I find it, both funny and interesting. Funny – because of the language and the way of expressing things. Interesting – as it has been my stepping stone.

Not that my posts are of very good language now, but then I find it better now. I still remember reading every possible article that I  could before I actually wrote a post. There are so many things why I love this blog. I feel connected to this blog emotionally. I always wanted to watch a match live from the stadium but never got to actually see one. It happened ( two matches – India Vs South Africa and India Vs England, borh at Chennai ) once I started this blog as I was keen to get the first hand view of the proceedings rather than read an article and know what others felt.

I’ve explored so many things through my blog and I’m very happy with the responses that I’ve been getting. The stats now stand at about 26500+ unique visits. I’m very happy with the way its going. I will keep doing what I did but probably in a better manner. I thank everyone who has complimented me and kept me going. I expect more interactions from you people. Keep the comments coming and make my blog more interactive. Cheers!!!


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  1. politicalfortune said,

    congrats! what next? let us know how difficult it was to keep your blog up for the year! thanks!

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