January 19, 2008

WACA Conquered

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What a wonderful moment for any Indian cricket team fan.Australians being outplayed in under four days.How many of us would have given a chance for the current Indian team to even stand upto the Aussies that too at WACA,Perth? Honestly speaking I had only a little faith after watching the T20 videos of the Perth match between Australia and New Zealand.But the final verdict certainly went to the team that deserved it after four stunning days of cricket.

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The Indians did everything right from the first day.They won the toss and Anil Kumble chose to bat showing his courage and confidence on his Batsmen.From then on we have had something that we can term as a complete Test Match.We’ve had a proper and fair battle after the fiasco in the previous match.

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The Indians played the Australian way of cricket at their own stronghold given them no chance to get back.But there were instances wherein the Australians looked like coming back.but the Indians managed to nullify the threat.

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The credit should go to the rookie Indian pacers who have certainly proved their worth.Irfan Pathan can’t ask for a better way to come back into the scheme of things fairing exceedingly well with both bat and the ball.He provided us with the initial breakthroughs that was very crucial.Ishanth Sharma has come a long way within a very short span of just four International Matches!!!I never expected him to perform the way he did.I thought that he would get carried away with the bounce at WACA.
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Infact Ishanth Sharma had a very good time bowling to Ricky Ponting!!!He trapped him twice during this match.One of my friends had actually expected Ricky Ponting to go on and get a century in the absence of Harbhajan Singh.Just read this article that I found about the BATTLE BETWEEN ISHANTH SHARMA AND RICKY PONTING.

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Nothing can be spoken about R.P.Singh as he has time and again proved that he belongs to the group of big boys.He was very effective from around the wicket.He has a pretty strong shoulder and bowls with quite a pace and also swings the ball effectively.

As for Kumble,he has already agreed that this has been the best ever match that he has ever been a part of.He got his 600th scalp and also won his first test match as captain in Australia.After all the drama that we had last week,Kumble has done well to fine-tune the boys.

Including Sehwag seemed to be a master-stroke as he did well to give India a brisk start in both the innings and also chipped in with the ball in the second innings.He also asked Kumble to persist with Ishanth Sharma when he was bowling beautifully.

Not to forget Sachin,Dravid and Laxman.All the three chipped in with useful knocks that changed the course of the game.It was disappointing to see Ganguly fail.But that happens.It was also heartening to see the Indian tail wagging too.

But credit hould also be given to Mitchell Johnson for the way in which he batted during the fourth innings.Had one more top order Batsman stayed for a while anything could have happened.But considering the fact that the Aussies had nearly 240 overs to settle the target of 413,I expected them to win.But the Indians have finally stopped the Aussie winning streak for the second time becoming the first Asian Team to conquer WACA,Perth.

Quite a feat and this sets up the Adelaide clash as well.Lets hope that this performance gets carried to Adelaide as well.


January 8, 2008

The Sydney Shocker

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Its been quite sometime since I came up with a post as I was caught up with some work.But then I had a reason to get back to posting after having witnessed what happened in Sydney.Check out the NEWS channels for more details and also for a source of inspiration.

The match was surely to be a cracker as everyone was quite sure of an Indian comeback of some sorts after loosing the first match in the fashion that they shouldn’t have.Indeed they succeeded in making a comeback sending the Australian Batsmen packing.But Ricky Ponting was given not out off Ganguly’s bowling when he had clearly edged a ball to Dhoni.He was on 17 then and went on to score 55 before another dubious decision did him.Luckily it was not one of those hay days for Mr.Punter.

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Then it was Symonds turn to get an outside edge off the unlucky rookie Ishanth Sharma again caught by Dhoni.He was on 30 then and went on to make 162*.On the course of his innings he had few more decisions like a couple of stumping appeals that went in his favour though he was clearly done.But again he was let off the hook.From a commanding position on 134/6 the Indians were made to let the Aussies off the hook to a respectable total of 463.What followed was that Hogg,Lee and Johnson , all weilding their willow with the confidence that Symonds was at the other end.

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This issue didn’t stop here.Then came the ball of the match by Bret Lee when he picked up Jaffer with a beautiful away swinging yorker.Later the television replays suggested that it was a no-ball that went un-noticed and hence forth Jaffer’s poor run continued.This was followed by the most wonderful phase of the game.The game was swinging between the two teams.After Jaffer’s dismissal Laxman produced a sensational innings which showed his authority over the Aussie bowling.Dravid game him a good support and both put on 175 for the second wicket.The Aussies soon had both of them in the pavilion and it was Tendulkar and Ganguly with a note-worthy stand.Again the aussies came back hard with the wickets of Ganguly,Yuvraj,Dhoni and Kumble falling quickly.Tendulkar was running out of partners until he found one in Harbhajan Singh.Indians were placed on a tricky 345/7 when Harbhajan walked in.

Then on both took off and Tendulkar went on to make his century showing everyone what he is capable of.Harbhajan too didn’t disappoint and made a controlled 63 in the company of the Little Master.Thats when the Harbhajan-Symonds incident had supposed to have occured.Indians fenally ended with a good 69 run lead.Australians replied with a century from Hayden and again the debacle continued.It was now Mr.Cricket given not out when on 45 who went on to make 145*.The Aussies finished up with a lead of 332.

The Indians had an achievable target of 333 in 70 odd overs.Things never seemed right for the Indians with a close lbw decision going against Laxman and Tendulkar inside edging Stuart Clark.Then Ganguly came in and went after the Aussie bowling and was playing beautifully ably suported by Dravid at the other end.Things seemed to get back to normal until again disaster struck in the form of Dravid and Ganguly being given out though they weren’t out clearly.This turned out to be really decisive as Dravid was just finding his lost form and was startting to open up withGanguly going out with all guns blazing at the other end.Indians,at this point,needed just 230 with 44 overs at their disposal.

Soon after Yuvraj’s poor show with the willow continued even infront of his Lady Love who was present their.Dhoni and kumble started the recovery and then Dhoni was finally dismissed.Soon after Michael Clarke was introduced and the Indians collapsed like a pack of cards with one more close decicion against R.P.Singh.Kumble was stranded at the other end watching the proceedings helplessly though he battled with a gritty 45 off 111 balls.He was in total disarray when he walked off the field and also when he addressed the media.

One thing that I don’t understand is why don’t umpires make use of the technology properly?in this case even the Third Umpire gave a dubious decision.In all the umpiring standards were really poor and it is a much painful feeling that it was one of the top rated umpires who was the centre of attraction.Mr.Bucknor boasts of a 96% record,the most by anyone at this juncture.The point being that his 4% wrong decisions have been mostly against India.Even the match refree and the other two umpires have done a poor job during this match.

Andrew Symonds was declared the Man-Of-the-Match award for his figures of 162*,61 and 3-51.Instead it should have been the officials who should have got the award for their figures of 170+* and 100+* with the bat in both the innings and a tally of 7 Indian wickets in both the innings together which saved the Australians from the defeat.

Clearly the Indians were playing only with the playing 11 and the Australians with 17 players and to go with it the Indians had to overcome the Officials making it 21.No quetions who would have won when a team of 11 take on a team of 21.The Australians never really deserved a victory but the Indians did.To add to this insult harbhajan has been penalised for supposedly to have called Symonds a monkey.Even in that case their never seems to be enough proof and the decision has gone in the favour of the Australians again.

Picture Courtesy : http://www.cricinfo.com

December 21, 2007

India Vs Victoria – Day 2 Review

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22 December,2007 :

It was not a pretty sight for anyone today.As usual there was heavy downpour and the match had a delayed start.Not much happened during the day during which only 10 overs were bowled.Ganguly added another 8 runs to his overnight tally of 51* and was finally caught off the bowling of Wise who seems to be having a good time against the Indian Batsmen.

Even Dravid just managed only 5 runs to his overnight tally of 33*.Yuvraj was 6* when play was finally called off due to further rain.Probably we’ll get to see our bowlers in action tomorrow as we might declare our innings pretty soon.

December 20, 2007

India Vs Victoria – Day 1 Review

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20th December,2007 :

Indians had mixed fortunes on Day 1 of their 3-Day warm up game against the Victorian state team.The match had a delayed start due to the heavy downpour at Melbourne.It started with Indians winning the toss and electing to bat.They did not have a good start losing Jaffer and Laxman early.Jaffer was out for naughtwhile Laxman managed just 1 run in the 5 balls that he faced.

But the notable point for the Indians was Rahul Dravid opened the batting for them with Jaffer.He looked quite confident doing the job which he sdmitted later during the press conference.

Jaffer was out pulling a ball from outside his off-stump while Laxman was quite unlucky getting out caught behind while trying to play a leg glance.Then walked in Tendulkar who looked quite relaxed and confident during his short stay at the wicket though being a doubtful starter for the game.He was bowled out when he managed only an inside edge while trying to play a back foot cover drive.

Then Ganguly entered and partnered Dravid till the end of the day.Ganguly looked in sublime form stroking the ball perfectly and scoring a half century.Dravid,on the otherhand,was at his defencive best.Both of them are busy reconstructing the Indian innings with a unbeaten 72 runs stand.Indians ended the day on 110/3 in 38 overs off which only 5 overs were bowled by the spinner.

But today’s wrecker-in-chief was the 6 feet 6 tall,left arm quicky,Allan Wise(3 for 22).He took all the three Indian wickets that fell.He bowled a dodgy line-n-length that troubled the Indians.All we can say is that the Indians had a mixed day at the office today.But they should be quite happy with Dravid feeling good about opening the innigs which means that Yuvraj can be roped in and hence Sehwag will be left out atleast for the first two tests.