January 19, 2010

The IPL Player Auction Round Up

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There was a lot of drama today during the player auction and there were many surprises in store for everyone. So many unexpected twists happened and here is a summary of the auction.

Kings XI Punjab : They started the bid with a budget of $675,000 as they had already brought the West Indian batsman Adrian Barath outside the auction. They went hard to get Keiron Pollard and Kemar Roach. But they had to give up once the bids went outside their budget. At the end, they brought Yusuf Abdulla for the base price of $50,000 and then out-bid Bangalore to purchase Mohammad Kaif.

Delhi Daredevils : They started of cautiously and in fact didn’t bid for any player in the first pool. When the second round started, they straight away fought for Wayne Parnell. They competed with Deccan Chargers and out-bid them to buy Parnell for $610,000. Parnell is the third costliest South African player. Delhi Daredevils tried getting Kaif for the remaining amount, but they were out-bid by Bangalore.

Mumbai Indians : They started aggressively and went on to buy Keiron Pollard after the tie-breaker. They brought him for an undisclosed amount which is estimated at about $3 million. They had competition from Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkatta. They later brought the U-19 Indian player Harshal Patel. Nita Ambani admitted that it was a plan to rope in a batting all-rounder and thats why they went all out.

Chennai Super Kings : They went into almost all the top bids but found themselves out played by the other franchises. It was pretty clear that they were searching for a replacement for the injured Andrew Flintoff. They tried bidding for Shane Bond, Kemar Roach, Keiron Pollard and also Eoin Morgan. But they got none. They finally recalled Justin kemp into the bid and got him for a base price of $100,000 and then also signed up Thissara Perera for $50,000. There were no competitors for these players.

Deccan Chargers : They were very calculative with their bidding. They tried hard to secure players like Shane Bond, Keiron Pollard and Wayne Parnell. But they didn’t succeed. They successfully got Kemar Roach after keeping Chennai and Punjab at bay. They brought hime for $720,000. This left them with $30,000 in the budget and they never took part any further. They finally brought the Indian U-19 player Harmeet Singh who was a part of their team the last time around. He was brought for 800,000 INR.

Kolkatta Knight Riders : They were another team who was playing the waiting game. They had earlier released Ricky Ponting to free up a slot for foreign player. They tried hard to secure Keiron Pollard but lost him in the tie-breaker. They pressed hard and went on to secure Shane Bond by ousting their competitors in the tie-breaker. Since they ran out of budget, they never took part further.

Bangalore Royal Challengers : They played a rather subdued hand. They intially tried hard for Pollard, Bond, Parnell and Roach. But then they slowly gave up before out-bidding Chennai to sign up Eoin Morgan for $220,000. Then they tried to secure Kaif but failed. They got a chance to choose an U-19 player first and they picked up the U-19 skipper Ashok Menaria for 800,000 INR.

Rajasthan Royals : Just like the bidding in the first year, they played very slow. They had bought Rob Quiney which left a spot open. They never went in for any big names on the list. Rather byt he time they placed their first bid, most of them were out of budget. They later went on to sign-up ex-Australian cricketer Damien Martyn for a base price of $100,000 and then also bought Adam Voges for $50,000. They didn’t go for any other options and left $600,000 unused.

THE SHOCKERS!!! – None of the Pakistani players were signed up by the franchises. Even Afridi wasn’t picked up. Doug Bollinger also never got a bid despite some good performances in the recent times. Same thing applies to Phil Hughes. I also expected bids for Graeme Swann who also went unsold.


May 22, 2008

A Clear Perspective Of Semi-Final Birth

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Today’s game between Delhi Daredevils and Kolkatta Knight Riders has been washed out due to rain and so are Kolkatta’s hopes of a semi-final berth. In my previous post, I’d spoken about a five way race for three spots. Now it boils down to a four way race. Kolkatta Knight Riders ( If they win the next one ) have to hope that Delhi Daredevils suffer a huge defeat in their last game of the season so that they lose their spot due to net run-rate which I think is improbable. Rajasthan Royals and King’s XI Punjab are through for sure. So it comes down to Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils for two available spots.

It should be bread and butter for Chennai Super Kings if they manage just one win in the two games that they have. Delhi Daredevils have to ensure that they win the next one and then keep hoping that Mumbai Indians lose two of their three matches in the last phase to go through to the Semi-Finals. But favouring the sides based on their current position, I’d expect Mumbai Indians to go through to the next round leaving out Delhi Daredevils. So my take on the final four will be :

  • Rajasthan Royals
  • King’s XI Punjab
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Mumbai Indians

This should make for an interesting contest for this inaugral edition of the IPL.

5 Teams To Battle For 3 Spots In The Last Phase

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We’ve had some remarkable performances and some unbelievable periods of game during this IPL so far. But yesterday was the day during which two teams who were all set to win the game, went on to lose it. It was not because of some spirited bowling, but due to their own inconsistency. First it was the Mumbai Indians against the King’s XI Punjab and then it was Chennai Super Kings against Bangalore Royal Challengers. Both the teams were on course of victory and they snatched defeat from it somehow. Mumbai lost the game by 1 run chasing 190 and Chennai lost the game by 14 runs chasing 127. What must have hurt them most will be that they were in a great position to win and make themselves feel good by getting closer to the semi-finals.

But the defeat opens up the gate again and the race heats up for the semi-finals again. Check out this for the Points Table. Kolkatta Knight Riders are on 10 points right now and have two more games left. They have to ensure that they win those two games and keep hoping that Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings remain struck on 14 points and then the net run-rate will come into play to decide who proceeds further.

Delhi Daredevils are somewhat in a easier position as of now with 12 points to their tally. They can do with one win in the remaining matches but two wins will ensure their spot. Their next two games are with Mumbai Indians and Kolkatta Knight Riders and if they manage to win both and even if Mumbai win against the Rajasthan Royals and Bangalore Royal Challengers, net run-rate will be considered. If Chennai Super Kings lose both their games against Rajasthan Royals and Deccan Chargers, then Delhi have to win just one game to zoom into the Semi-Finals.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, are in a tricky situation with 12 points. If Delhi wins the next two games and Mumbain win two of their three games or win one and hope that Chennai goes onto lose their last two games, then they can go into the Semi-Finals. If they manage to win all the three, then other results won’t matter for them.

Even Chennai Super Kings are in a tricky situation just like Mumbai Indians but with 14 points. If Delhi Daredevils lose all their games, then Chennai can manage to go through without a victory. If Delhi and Mumbai manage one win, then it’ll be down to the net run-rate if we don’t win. If Delhi goes onto win both their games then Chennai must win one of their two games to be in the race. Their next two games are against Rajasthan Royals and Deccan Chargers, both at either extremes and have nothing to lose.

King’s XI Punjab are comfortably placed with 16 points. They can manage even by losing all the three games. But another win would ensure that they go on smoothly without having to depend upon the net run-rate to decide who proceeds.

Clearly, anything can still happen from here on and no one is quite sure with who will go through. Lets see how it goes on from here.

May 21, 2008

Bye Bye Knight Riders

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After losing three of the last few crucial games, Kolkatta’s hopes of making it to the semi-finals has taken a severe blow. They have two more games left and even if they go on to win those games, they have to keep expecting that the other teams in the run lose their games. That is not a proper situation to be in and they have to blame their own self for not being consistent enough.

After a stunning start into the IPL, the Kolkatta Knight Riders have had a rather roller coaster ride in the tournament. They also scored the tournament least of 67 all out against the Mumbai Indians. Clearly, they are struggling to get thing back on track. But I’m afraid its too late now and only a miracle can see them in the final four.

With Rajasthan Royals securing their birth, the other three spots are up their for the grab. With Kolkatta Knight Riders almost out of the equation, we’ll have a thorough entertainer on the cards as King’s XI Punjab, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils will fight out for the three available slots. Every match will weigh a ton of gold for these teams as they enter the last phase of the tournament. All the teams are equally good and what a line up we’ll have for the semi-finals. It’s surely jaw-dropping stuff.

May 20, 2008

The Eden Express Derails

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Today’s clash between Kolkatta Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals will surely be a cracker of a contest. It is crucial tie for both the teams as a win for the Rajasthan Royals would ensure their semi-final berth allowing them to rest some of their main stays for the next few games whereas a win for Kolkatta Knight Riders would make their chances of final four a realistic one. Kolkatta Knight Riders lost their previous tie against the Chennai Super Kings. They have been having quite a busy schedule with not many breaks between games recently and hence haven’t been able to improve upon their mistakes.

While this game could re-ignite the war of words between Shane Warne and Saurav Ganguly again, the main focus would be on Shoaib Akthar. He as been diagonised with an injured knee and hence will probably not take on the field for this key clash which could decide the fate for Kolkatta Knight Riders. Not that they’ll be kicked out of the final four if they lose this game, but their chances will be enhanced if they go on to win this. Or else, they will have to depend on the performance of the other teams and their own net run rate to get through to the semi-finals.

While everything seems to be going right for the Royals, Kolkatta Knight Riders have a lot to think about their batting which has been haunting them for quite some time now. Its better they get back on track right on time. In the absense of Shoaib Akthar, Umar Gul will come back into the playing eleven after missing three games. Salman Butt is good at the top, but they should select a proper partner for him who can score briskly while he ensures that one end remains intact. Lets see how it goes. The next game is also a tough one for the Knight Riders as it is against the in-form King’s XI Punjab.

Back to Shoaib Akthar again. Is he trying to avoid being tested for banned substances in his body? Is he wary that he might be the one to be summoned today? Who knows? Anything is possible. Keep guessing people.

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