January 21, 2010

Indians Draw First Blood

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India won the first test at Mirpur by a comfortable margin of 113 runs, thanks largely to the Ishant Sharma, Zaheer Khan and Amit Mishra who bowled with a lot of fire. At the begining of the final day’s play, India needed another 8 wickets for victory. The Bangladeshis kept losing wickets at regular intervals and it looked like the game would end even before lunch. But the actual resistance started only after the lunch break. It was a lone effort by just one Bangladeshi.

Mushfiqur Rahim played very sensibly and kept one end tight. But the wickets kept falling at the other end and he was running out of partners. He then took the attack to the Indians and played splendidly and scored his maiden test century. It was a phenomenal effort as he looked very solid at the crease. Had another couple of other batsmen got in, anything would have been possible. He was the last man dismissed. This was the fastest century by a Bangladesh batsman in a test match.

For the Indians, Mishra picked up 4 wickets, Ishant picked 3 and Zaheer Khan picked 2. They looked in good shape. Sachin Tendulkar was declared the Man of the match for his splendid century in the first innings. He also praised the efforts of the bowlers and Gautam Gambhir and was happy about Ishant Sharma’s rhythm. He said that he would like to see Ishant bowl well in the coming match also.

Sehwag was repeatedly questioned about Bangladesh’s bowling effort and he said that they still didn’t pick up 20 wickets. When asked about why he declared when they were 8 down in the second innings he replied that he did it to win the game. When asked about Rahim’s effort, he said that he batted well. The reporters tried to catch Sehwag off gaurd by asking him about his personal performance against Bangladesh and his wish to play well against them this time around. They asked him whether he was satisfied with his performance in the game and he said yes immediately. Thats Sehwag for you.

During the course of the game, Laxman injured his hand and has been declared out of the series. There hasn’t been any replacement sent for him. Dhoni and Harbhajan have recovered from their injury and are available for the next test starting on Sunday. Sreesanth also pulled his hamstring today and there has been no news about him as yet. If he’s out, it would probably mean that Harbhajan Singh would replace him and Murali Vijay would replace V.V.S. Laxman. Dhoni would walk in strainghtly to replace Dinesh Karthik and also take over the captaincy.

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January 17, 2010

Bangladesh On Top

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Yes, you read it right. Bangladesh are on top on Day One of the Idea Cup Test series. After Sehwag’s comment that their team was an ordinary test team, they’ve really pulled up their socks and bounced back strongly. India were 8 for 213 at the end of days play. No one would’ve expected this specially with the way the Indians started. They were 63 for no loss at lunch after a delayed start. Sehwag and Gambhir played some shots though the ball wasn’t coming onto the bat. Earlier Shakib Al Hasan won the toss and put India into bat. The moisture made the conditions tough for the batsmen.

After a steady start, Indians faltered badly and lost wickets with not much runs on board. It wasn’t hostile bowling from the Bangladeshi bowlers, but rather some lose cricket by the Indians. Sehwag fell to a lose stroke when he pushed at a ball whcih didn’t come to him as fast as he expected. Gambhir chased a wide delivery outside the off stump the very next over. Dravid was bowled by a late out-swinging full length ball. Laxman was rather unfortunate when he mishit the ball and it rolled to the keeper and was stumped. Yuvraj Singh holed out at mid on off a full toss. Dinesh Karthik played a drive even before he was set and was caught at gully.

Tendulkar waged a lone battle and the tail gave him some sort of support. The Indians didn’t apply themselves and have only themselves to blame. Shakib and Shahadat Hossain were the pick of the bowlers, picking up four a piece. Whatever said and done is over. The Indians have to put their head down from here on and look to play positively. Indians will probably look for as many more as possible and then the bowlers should take the responsibility to keep them in the hunt. Absense of Harbhajan Singh doesn’t help India’s cause. But it is a good chance for the likes of Amit Mishra and Ishant Sharma to make their presence felt. As Tendulkar said, there is still a ┬álong way to go and a lot of cricket left. Sehwag and his men have to play their best game on the field to prove a point to the minnows.

P.S. : Pics Courtesy – Cricinfo

January 25, 2008

Contest Within Contests

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Adelaide is proving to be another run fest for the Indians.They’ve got whatever they asked for with Virender Sehwag striking form.What we have witnessed here is good,competitive Cricket with both the bat and the ball dominating equally.

2501leereacts_big.jpg sachin-150.jpg 2501kumblewithsachin_big.jpg
You can’t ask for anything more.You have the runs scored and also the wickets that you expect when the game seems to be going monotonously.What I saw was contest within contests.Initially it was a well-fought contest between Sehwag and Brett Lee when Sehwag played some good shots against the Aussie Paceman.He looked elegant and he had complete authority over his shots.Lee had the last laugh when he had Sehwag caught by Adam Gilchrist.

sachin-hurt.jpg sachin-out.jpg sachin-lee.jpg 2501sachinreturns_big.jpg

Then it was the contest between all the Aussie bowlers and Sachin.But no one lived upto the expectation with Sachin mesmerising the Adelaide crowd with his batting.Tendulkar didn’t spare any bowler during his innings.He was particularly harsh on Brad Hogg taking him for special treatment.Laxman had his own contest with Mitchelle Johnson before getting out to Brett Lee.
blee.jpg 85hbs1.jpg pship.jpg

Tendulkar reached his century with a classy cover-drive off Michael Clarke.After the fall of Laxman,Aussies put a lid on the Indian scoring rate till the end of day one.But then on Day two,Sachin had his own plans.The first three overs were hit for 24 runs,Sachin crossing the 150 mark in due course.

kumble-50.jpg 85ak-attack4.jpg gilly-record.jpg

Then came an pacy spell by Lee.He bowled a bouncer which Sachin hit on his knees because of an under-edge.Tendulkar was suffering from pain and due to this there was a stoppage in between.Then Lee bowled another bouncer the very next ball with the trap set.Sachin fell to the trap holing out to Brad Hogg at deep square leg ending his wonderful innings.Check out this link.

philro2.jpg 2501jaquesbatting_big.jpg 2501haydenbats_big.jpg

It is looking as though the Indian tail is becoming more reliable in recent times.Rather they look quite positive and quite comfortable out there in the middle.Harbhajan Singh scored a well made 63 before getting out and Anil Kumble scored a masterly 87 before being the last man dismissed.Kumble put on 107 with Harbhajan and then another 70 odd with Ishanth Sharma.

The Indian tail gave a good fight against the Aussie pacers.They were impeccable.Finally the Indian innings ended when on 527.

The Australians did well to reach 62/0 at the end of days play.They had their part of a contest with the Indian bowlers.

During the days play Adam Gilchrist became the most successful wicket-keeper surpasing Mark Boucher’s tally in duAll the way,there has been some good contests that has been taking place during this Adelaide test.Let us fish for more in the coming days.

January 24, 2008

My Dream Comes True,So Did Sachin’s

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Ah what a feeling?Finally me and Sachin Tendulkar are finally happy just because of the way we timed our respective creations.There is nothing more exciting than this.I didn’t go to college as I had a problem with my bike.Or rather should I call it fate that made me to watch the match (though only the clippings on the news channel and tracking it on the net) which included some good innings by Sehwag and Laxman.

thala1.jpg thala2.jpg

Just about 24 hours I had written about this Adelaide test stating that this would be the last time that the Australians will be able to see the fab-five of Indian cricket together on Australian soil.I also expected Sachin to showcase something special for this moment.

thala3.jpg thala-century.jpg thala4.jpg

I was just thinking about how he’ll perform in Adelaide where the odds and stats were completely against him.I expected him to sign off in his own style.The Master has done it again.During this innings,Tendulkar completed his 39th century in Test cricket.In due course he also set the record for most number of boundaries scored by any person during his career.

There never seems enough records for Sachin who sets a record everytime he scores a run.Well every run is by itself a World Record.The way he played today was tremendous.He started off quite causiously taking 18 balls to get off the blocks.But then he showcased what he is capable of and the Adelaide crowd was very happy with the Little Master’s effort.As I always said,watching the Master At Work is a real treat to watch.

Sachin accelerated at a tremendous pace and reached his 39th century.He just needed two balls for moving from 92 to 102 smashing a six and a four of consecutive balls of Michael Clarke.What a moment was it for the man?I’m thoroughly happy with what he has done at Adelaide and so will be the billions of fans the World over.He has finally set his records right at The Adelaide Oval.He thrashed all the bowlers and the Aussie fielders were made to just fetch the ball.He never made a mistake at all throughout his innings.

With The Master remaining unbeaten overnight,can we expect a double from him?Will the fate again work in my favour?Can he entertain the Adelaide crowd for a few more hours?Only time can answer all these questions.Let me hope that the Master provides me with another video that I can keep watching over and over again.

January 19, 2008

WACA Conquered

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What a wonderful moment for any Indian cricket team fan.Australians being outplayed in under four days.How many of us would have given a chance for the current Indian team to even stand upto the Aussies that too at WACA,Perth? Honestly speaking I had only a little faith after watching the T20 videos of the Perth match between Australia and New Zealand.But the final verdict certainly went to the team that deserved it after four stunning days of cricket.

troubishan.jpg pontout15.jpg punt417.jpg rphus22.jpg

The Indians did everything right from the first day.They won the toss and Anil Kumble chose to bat showing his courage and confidence on his Batsmen.From then on we have had something that we can term as a complete Test Match.We’ve had a proper and fair battle after the fiasco in the previous match.

kumsym23.jpg kumcelebsym425.jpg dejsym426.jpg attseh44.jpg

The Indians played the Australian way of cricket at their own stronghold given them no chance to get back.But there were instances wherein the Australians looked like coming back.but the Indians managed to nullify the threat.

gilliout432.jpg happyseh3.jpg clarkeout35.jpg

The credit should go to the rookie Indian pacers who have certainly proved their worth.Irfan Pathan can’t ask for a better way to come back into the scheme of things fairing exceedingly well with both bat and the ball.He provided us with the initial breakthroughs that was very crucial.Ishanth Sharma has come a long way within a very short span of just four International Matches!!!I never expected him to perform the way he did.I thought that he would get carried away with the bounce at WACA.
winmoment45.jpg rphus22.jpg souv47.jpg

Infact Ishanth Sharma had a very good time bowling to Ricky Ponting!!!He trapped him twice during this match.One of my friends had actually expected Ricky Ponting to go on and get a century in the absence of Harbhajan Singh.Just read this article that I found about the BATTLE BETWEEN ISHANTH SHARMA AND RICKY PONTING.

conq446.jpg conq251.jpg mom52.jpg

Nothing can be spoken about R.P.Singh as he has time and again proved that he belongs to the group of big boys.He was very effective from around the wicket.He has a pretty strong shoulder and bowls with quite a pace and also swings the ball effectively.

As for Kumble,he has already agreed that this has been the best ever match that he has ever been a part of.He got his 600th scalp and also won his first test match as captain in Australia.After all the drama that we had last week,Kumble has done well to fine-tune the boys.

Including Sehwag seemed to be a master-stroke as he did well to give India a brisk start in both the innings and also chipped in with the ball in the second innings.He also asked Kumble to persist with Ishanth Sharma when he was bowling beautifully.

Not to forget Sachin,Dravid and Laxman.All the three chipped in with useful knocks that changed the course of the game.It was disappointing to see Ganguly fail.But that happens.It was also heartening to see the Indian tail wagging too.

But credit hould also be given to Mitchell Johnson for the way in which he batted during the fourth innings.Had one more top order Batsman stayed for a while anything could have happened.But considering the fact that the Aussies had nearly 240 overs to settle the target of 413,I expected them to win.But the Indians have finally stopped the Aussie winning streak for the second time becoming the first Asian Team to conquer WACA,Perth.

Quite a feat and this sets up the Adelaide clash as well.Lets hope that this performance gets carried to Adelaide as well.

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