January 19, 2008

WACA Conquered

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What a wonderful moment for any Indian cricket team fan.Australians being outplayed in under four days.How many of us would have given a chance for the current Indian team to even stand upto the Aussies that too at WACA,Perth? Honestly speaking I had only a little faith after watching the T20 videos of the Perth match between Australia and New Zealand.But the final verdict certainly went to the team that deserved it after four stunning days of cricket.

troubishan.jpg pontout15.jpg punt417.jpg rphus22.jpg

The Indians did everything right from the first day.They won the toss and Anil Kumble chose to bat showing his courage and confidence on his Batsmen.From then on we have had something that we can term as a complete Test Match.We’ve had a proper and fair battle after the fiasco in the previous match.

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The Indians played the Australian way of cricket at their own stronghold given them no chance to get back.But there were instances wherein the Australians looked like coming back.but the Indians managed to nullify the threat.

gilliout432.jpg happyseh3.jpg clarkeout35.jpg

The credit should go to the rookie Indian pacers who have certainly proved their worth.Irfan Pathan can’t ask for a better way to come back into the scheme of things fairing exceedingly well with both bat and the ball.He provided us with the initial breakthroughs that was very crucial.Ishanth Sharma has come a long way within a very short span of just four International Matches!!!I never expected him to perform the way he did.I thought that he would get carried away with the bounce at WACA.
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Infact Ishanth Sharma had a very good time bowling to Ricky Ponting!!!He trapped him twice during this match.One of my friends had actually expected Ricky Ponting to go on and get a century in the absence of Harbhajan Singh.Just read this article that I found about the BATTLE BETWEEN ISHANTH SHARMA AND RICKY PONTING.

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Nothing can be spoken about R.P.Singh as he has time and again proved that he belongs to the group of big boys.He was very effective from around the wicket.He has a pretty strong shoulder and bowls with quite a pace and also swings the ball effectively.

As for Kumble,he has already agreed that this has been the best ever match that he has ever been a part of.He got his 600th scalp and also won his first test match as captain in Australia.After all the drama that we had last week,Kumble has done well to fine-tune the boys.

Including Sehwag seemed to be a master-stroke as he did well to give India a brisk start in both the innings and also chipped in with the ball in the second innings.He also asked Kumble to persist with Ishanth Sharma when he was bowling beautifully.

Not to forget Sachin,Dravid and Laxman.All the three chipped in with useful knocks that changed the course of the game.It was disappointing to see Ganguly fail.But that happens.It was also heartening to see the Indian tail wagging too.

But credit hould also be given to Mitchell Johnson for the way in which he batted during the fourth innings.Had one more top order Batsman stayed for a while anything could have happened.But considering the fact that the Aussies had nearly 240 overs to settle the target of 413,I expected them to win.But the Indians have finally stopped the Aussie winning streak for the second time becoming the first Asian Team to conquer WACA,Perth.

Quite a feat and this sets up the Adelaide clash as well.Lets hope that this performance gets carried to Adelaide as well.


January 17, 2008

Indian Pacers Rattle The Aussies

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What an incredible sight was it to see the Australians fall like a pack of cards?It was tremendous display of swing bowling displayed by the Indians.The Indians did not have a good start slipping from 326/6 to 330 all out.It may sound shocking but that was what happened.What followed this was totally exquisite.

85crout2.jpg 85rp0.jpg 85husduck4.jpg

The Indians started off with R.P.Singh and Irfan Pathan.Irfan Pathan struck with a double blow in a single over to reduce the Australians to 14/2 removing both the openers Phil Jacques and Chris Rogers.Soon after,R.P.Singh sent back Mr.Cricket,Michael Hussey,for his first score of zero in his test match career.The Australians had played 8 overs before lunch and were three down.

85isrptn7.jpg 85isclrk8.jpg 85is8.jpg

Soon after the lunch interval,Anil Kumble introduced Ishanth Sharma who picked up Ricky Ponting when on 20.Andrew Symonds was put down by Sachin Tendulkar of the bowling of Irfan Pathan.The very next over Michael Clarke was dismissed and the Australian scorecard read 61/5.Then Symonds and Adam Gilchrist put together 102 runs in an aggressive manner before Kumble came in and removed Symonds to pick up No.600 and the Australians soon started to tumble.
kcelebration.jpg 85rps8.jpg 85rps5.jpg
None of the Australian Batsmen,barring Adam Gilchrist and Symonds,lived upto the expectation.Meanwhile the Indian seamers who are rather well short of experience showed what their counterparts missed-making the Batsmen play.They used the wind and the pitch conditions at the WACA very effectively and R.P.Singh came back to rattle the tail off.The Australians were bowled out for a mere 212 off 50 overs.


The Indians shattered the Aussie brilliance at WACA and have left the Aussies catch up with the match proceedings.So far we have had an entertaining Test match just like the Captains promised.First it was the Indian Batsmen putting up the partnership and later their bowlers also bowled well in partnership.

With only two days into the match and already so much drama provided,the match is well poised as Indians were 52/1 at close of play with a lead of 170 runs.If Indians can bat another three to four sessions,then they can easily outplay the Aussies.It is important for Virender Sehwag to stay in the middle as long as possible as he is playing very fluently.

The Indians have done their part and it is upto the Aussies to go after from here on to get their 17th consecutive win which seems very unlikely here.After nearly three years ever since they lost the Ashes to England,the Australians are being given a run for their money.

Jumbo Picks Up No.600

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It was a heartening sight to see an Indian hero do wonders at the International stage.Anil Kumble was full of joy after he picked up Andrew Symonds to get to the landmark of 600 wickets.He’s just the third bowler in the history of test cricket after Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan to have reached this figure.Infact stats show that he has played fewer tests than Shane Warne to reach the landmark.He has been a wonderful team man over the years and a true match winner in his own way.He has played a major role in leading the Indian attack through his career.Let us hope that he keeps on performing and breaks Warne’s record before he calls it a day.Here are a few pics of the moment of the day :

85kumapl3.jpg 85thumbupkum1.jpg 8conmate09.jpg 8cheerkum10.jpg

Pics Courtesy : Cricinfo
Video Courtesy : Youtube

Masterclass By The Masters

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India won the toss on a lovely,sunny day and Kumble,with full trust on his Batsmen,elects to bat.Sehwag started the proceedings with a boundary of the very first over of the game bowled by Brett Lee.Soon the new Indian opening pair of Sehwag and Jaffer had put up the best stand for the series of 57 before Sehwag fell to Johnson.Then walked in Rahul Dravid at his usual number 3 position.Soon after Jaffer also got out fishing one outside his off stump off the bowling off Brett Lee.

Sachin Tendulkar walked into the ground with a standing ovation by the crowd at the WACA.What followed was a thorough masterclass of brilliant batting.Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid adopted their own ways to tackle the bounce and both of their techniques proved to be quite handy.

Dravid was dropped on 11 by Michael Clarke.Tendulkar had full control on his upper cuts while Dravid,at the other end,was at his best taking his own time and milking the bowlers later.None of the Australian bowlers had any clue of where to bowl to these two Batsmen as they were very good on both sides of the wickets and equally adjusted to the bounce of the WACA demon.

85stucut22.jpg 85226.jpg 85227.jpg

Tendulkar reached his 50 with a upper cut which he played so deliberately.Soon after,even Dravid caught up with Tendulkar and posted his 50.Both seemed set for a big one before Tendulkar was done in by a Brett Lee delivery caught in front of the wicket.Replays suggested that the ball would have missed the stumps by quite a distance but the umpire can be forgiven for he gave some pretty good decisions too.Tendulkar walked off in complete disbelief.

8rdpull45.jpg 85rdcut6.jpg 85stucut8.jpg

Even after Tendulkar fell and wickets kept tumbling at the other end,Dravid looked calm and composed and kept scoring runs at will.Dravid put on another 64 with Laxman before he lost his calm when on 93 and played a rather uncharacteristic shot off Andrew Symonds.He looked in complete dismay as he walked off the field.Both of them deserved a century.

85sthc9.jpg 85partship7.jpg
Soon the Indians lost way and ended the day on 297/6.They could have scored another 40-50 runs had Tendulkar and Dravid carried on.They never looked like getting out.But whatever happened is a matter of the past.Yet both showed who they were and yet again Tendulkar stamped his authority at WACA proving time and again that he is good on any sort of wicket.His statistics is pretty good at WACA and let us hope that we outplay the Australians from here on.

January 15, 2008

The WACA Warfield

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Finally there has been a proper direction given to the Melbourne mishap.Both Captains have finally agreed to certain terms and conditions and also have scrapped the catching agreement.Both Anil Kumble and Ricky Ponting were seen in a good mood at a conference and rather looked quite confident of nothing short than a wonderful on-field battle at Perth.

With Harbhajan’s hearing being postponed to post-series stage even he can concentrate with the job on hand.So did the Indians backed off their charges against Brad Hogg.So the relationship between the teams seem to be quite good off the field.

the_waca.jpg 85vs9.jpg

Shaun Tait will get his first opportunity for the series to have a go at the Indian Batsmen.He would like to prove a point here at the pacy WACA.The pitch here seems to be getting back to its hayday best offering enough assistance to the quicks.With Hayden being injured due to a pulled hamstring,the Australians have roped in the local boy Chris Rogers as the other specialist opener.Having known the wicket quite well the onus is on him to perform.

pic03.jpg 851st80.jpg 851cr83.jpg
As far as the Indians are concerned the think tank has a tough task ahead of the Perth contest.With all the four openers – Virender Sehwag,Wasim Jaffer,Dinesh Karthick and Rahul Dravid – being among runs its a problem of plenty now.I see Virender Sehwag being roped in for the out of form Yuvraj Singh and Dravid back to where he belongs.

Now the stadium at perth boasts of hosting all the three forms of the game within a span of three months – A ODI against the Sri Lankans,A T20 against the New Zealand black caps and now the Test against the Indians.With quite a few changes in both the teams and with Gilchrist expressing the Aussie desire for the seventeenth one on a trot,it promises to be a contest of a lifetime as only Sachin Tendulkar remains the sole person to have played a test at WACA.Some of the others have played a ODI here where they were thoroughly outplayed during the last two contests here.

PS: Picture Courtesy : Cricinfo