January 17, 2010

Tendulkar Pulls Out Of T20 Action

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Sachin Tendulkar recently pulled out of the T20 season in Middlesex colors scheduled during the English summer. He had earlier been in talks with the Middlsex Boss’ when they showed their interest to sign him along with Adam Gilchrist in their ranks. Tendulkar told the club that it would be an additional workload in an already heavy International schedule. He also explained them that he was keen to prolong his career in the big stage and hence he was not ready to risk the excess load.

Middlesex County Cricket Club Chief Executive Vinny Codrington said,”We are all naturally extremely disappointed that Sachin has reached the decision not to join us this year, as without doubt, his presence within the Middlesex ranks alongside Adam Gilchrist would have been a major coup for the club. When the news initially broke that we were in negotiations with Sachin, it quite rightly created major headlines in all the sports pages, and it’s a real shame we have been unable to reach a satisfactory outcome to our discussions with him. Sachin was very open and honest with us when advising us of his decision and he went to lengths to express how flattered he was that a club like Middlesex were so keen to have him on board.”

He also added, ” Whilst extremely keen to join the club, Sachin felt he wished to concentrate his efforts on prolonging his international career at the top of world cricket, and believed that the additional workload of playing Twenty20 cricket in the UK for Middlesex this year would place too much pressure on his already busy cricketing schedule. We would like to express our thanks to John Stephenson, MCC’s Head of Cricket, for all his help, and we wish Sachin continued success with India and our thanks go to him for giving the Club every consideration”.


October 2, 2008

Rugby Style Super Series In 2009???

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T20 is to take a big leap in the coming future. With its increasing number of viewership across the globe, it has surely got everyone on the edge of the seats. South African board has proposed a Rugby Style Super Series also involving Austalia and India. Two of these nations namely South Africa and Australia will host the games.

This is common in Rugby where the three teams involved are South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It is played every year. If this gets a green signal, TV viewership is surely bound to boom. However there are a few hiccups. First thing will be the availability of a window. 2009 is pretty cramped and already the proposed Champions Trophy itself doesn’t have a proper window. The next thing will be the necessity to negotiate with ICC as they allow only seven T20 International Games per team. Nothing has been finalised yet and we have to wait and see whether this kicks on.

August 28, 2008

The Don Liked Gilly’s Ability

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Sir Donald Bradman was a special player and the World speaks of him still. Recently his family and CA celebrated his centenary. The Australian players were invited for a lunch. All of them spoke of so many things thats happening in World Cricket. Gilly was asked whether the emergence of T20 would thrash Test cricket and he striaght away said a no.

He said the World had survived the threat of ODI and World Series a few decades ago and hence even this would be overcome even though T20 is booming into a real big one. He is bound to lead the Deccan Chargers next year. He also admitted that he enjoyed playing Cricket in India. He has never met the Don before. John Bradman said,”He thought his ability was absolutely second to none and that his modesty and integrity was of the very highest order.” John Bradman is the Don’s son.

May 31, 2008

Its Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings

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We’ve come down to the last game of the first IPL season. Its the big one – The Finals. Eight teama battled out for the trophy and it has come down to the last two, the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. Both the teams have played some wonderful cricket over the last 40+ days.

Rajasthan Royals have proved their critics wrong and they’ve turned into the side to be beaten in the tournament. The have a very balanced side that has a mix of good bowling and a power packed batting line up. Chennai Super Kings, on the other hand, have a good batting line-up. But the question remains over their bowling. Can their bowlers stand up tall for one last time to pull of an emphatic win? Only time can say. keep licking your lips for tomorrow’s game. Rajasthan Royals start as clear favourites. But anything can happen in T20 Cricket.

April 28, 2008

Dhoni Tries To Rescue

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The Indian ODI and T20 Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has come to the rescue of his National team-mates, Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh. He compared this with the Zidane-Matterazi incident during the FIFA World Cup. M.S.D is of the view that the sequence of activities leading to this outburst must be considered before handing any penalties to Harbhajan Singh.

It is also learnt that some of the players were quoted saying that Sreesanth can be very much under your nose easily but they also agreed that whatever Harbhajan did was also wrong. The hearing is going on and we’ll have to wait on the decision. This hearing is being conducted only by IPL and if found guilty, Harbhajan Singh will be banned for 10 games. In another couple of weeks time, BCCI will have an hearing on the same issue and talks are already on that Harbhajan Singh may face a life ban.

A lot has been happening and we’ll have to wait and see what is going to happen.

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