July 27, 2008

The Deadly Spin Twins Wreck Indian Line-Up

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The Old Warrior Muttiah Muralidaran and the latest sensation Ajantha Mendis have left Indian in a spot of bother by running through the line up which is well known to tackle spin very well. It was a thoroughly amazing performance by the Sri Lankans and they deserved every bit of what they’ve achieved in the first test.

Murali picked 11 wickets at 10 runs a piece. That is a sensational performance. Ajantha Mendis is making the most of his carrom balls to bamboozle the opposition. He picked up eight wickets on debut that left the opposition gasping for air.

This has already ensured that the Indians not only have to handle the pressure on the field against this formidable Sri Lankan line-up, but have to face a lot from the media. I’ve already seen a couple of experts questioning about India’s ability to play quality spin which is sort of disturbing.

I still wonder how people start to conclude so many things in such a short span of time. Come on guys, you were hailing the same team when they gave the Australians a run for their money. It was the same line-up except for a couple of changes. This was the same fab-four which has performed exceedingly well against Muralidaran. Well he did pick wickets whenever he wanted. But then this doesn’t mean that we are completely out of the equation.

It is thoroughly pointless to attack the players verbally like this. Our middle order has more than 30,000 runs amongst them. Yes, i agree that they did not perform this time around. But does that mean that they are totally incapable? Don’t you think that these so called experts are being rather foolish? Haven’t any other line up faultered in similar fashion? Lots to think EXPERTS. As experts, its better that you analyse stuffs before letting the words out.

Loads to think about for both, the experts and the Indian think tank. Credit cannot be taken away from the amazing spin twins on any account. Well done.


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  1. carrom ball said,

    […] Ajantha Mendis is making the most of his carrom balls to bamboozle the opposition. He picked up https://loveforthegame.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/the-deadly-spin-twins-wreck-indian-line-up/Mendis strikes fear with &39carrom ball&39 – GulfNewsHe became so popular with one of his deliveries […]

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